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8 juli 2019 netwerkJong BNSP

This summer we will organise a very special summer school. More than ever we will bring the smart city into practice and combine urbanism with technology and digitalisation. Do you want to learn everything about data-driven design and policy-making? Register for the summer school ‘Design our future with data’, August 26th, 27th and 28th 2019 at several locations in Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands. In 3 days we will build a digital twin (a digital 3D-version) of (a part of) the province of Zuid-Holland, which measures and predicts (an aspect of) the happiness and quality of life of the people living in this province. This summer school is commissioned by Province Zuid-Holland.

So, are you a tech who wants to know exactly how data will change the world: join our summer school! Or are you an urbanist or future policy-maker and do you want to learn how data-driven design and policy-making works? join our summer school! We guarantee that you will learn more in 3 days than you usually learn in one month.

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