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TU Delft, MOOC on Dutch Urbanism

Are you an urban planner, designer, policy maker or involved or interested in the creation of good living environments? Sign up now for the MOOC on DUTCH URBANISM.

This course will broaden your scope and diversify your take on the field of urban planning and design. We will focus on a unique Dutch approach and analyze how it can help those involved with urban planning and design to improve the physical environment in relation to the public good it serves, including safety, wellbeing, sustainability and even beauty. Get to know the design rules and basics that are used at the department of Urbanism at the TU Delft. Register for free on: https://www.edx.org/course/urban-design-public-good-dutch-urbanism-delftx-urbanismx





27 oktober 2020

10:00 tot 11:00

AON webinair gecancelled!

16 december 2020

18:30 tot 20:30BNSP

ALV 2020

11 februari 2021

20:00 tot 21:30BNSP

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