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2020 AAO Design Matters Conference: Call for Presenters

22 oktober 2020 netwerk
2020 AAO Design Matters Conference: Call for Presenters

We are now inviting proposals for conference breakout sessions. These sessions will take place virtually on December 3-4, 2020. Please use this short form to submit your ideas by November 6.

If you are reading this, then it’s quite likely you are connected to an architecture organization that has been experiencing a rather stressful 2020! Given all the tremendous pressures—internal and external—being placed on architecture organizations, we see the 2020 Design Matters Conference: Radical Transformation as a critical moment to come together.

This year, through our virtual meeting platform, you have a unique opportunity to engage your peers in our field, regardless of whether those peers work in your hometown, your country, or halfway around the world. Through this Open Call, we want you to be able to speak up and we want staff from all departments and all levels to participate.

Below are the basic guidelines:

  1. Prospective topics for small group conversations can be submitted by any conference attendee (registration will be required).
  2. You can submit more than one idea; and your organization can submit multiple ideas from different staff members.
  3. Topics can range from the practical to the impractical, big picture to nitty gritty, share inspiring stories or seek to address major challenges or concerns.
  4. All sessions are 45 minutes in duration. Formats are not specified, but they must involve your fellow attendees.
  5. Each session should have one main host plus one or two additional contributors from outside your organization. As host, you have the opportunity to invite the one or two guests to join your discussion (complements of AAO). These guests could be fellow conference attendees, guest commentators from our field, or even inspired voices from other arenas–they just need to lend a perspective you feel would be beneficials to staff at fellow architecture organizations. Let us know if you’d like AAO’s help facilitating these connections.

Again, this year’s conference offers us a critical chance to open up and learn from one another.

We cannot encourage you more strongly: submit your idea(s) and help make the conference just what you need it to be!


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